Reproduction Customizable Empire Comb or Tiara



Handmade reproduction in Brass and Natural Pearl of an Empire tiara. From a private collection VM and of French origin.

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Handmade reproduction in customizable brass with mother-of-pearl or coral simile of a tiara from the Empire Period (Valencia Moon Private Collection)

Gold-plated brass reproduction of a tiara dated at approx. 1805/1815 of French origin.

This piece is made of brass with the fixed prongs welded to choose between the tiara or comb position. It is possible to customize it to be made in silver or with interchangeable movable spikes with an increase in price.

  • Piece made by hand in Spain
  • Gold plated brass
  • Dimensions 10.5cm long x 2.2cm high.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE, tell us if you want mother-of-pearl or similar coral (without price increase), or that it is made in silver, authentic coral or with movable spikes (price on request).
  • It is made to order. Approximate manufacturing time 20 business days.

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