Tiara Empire in Natural Pearl Replica

Tiara Empire in Natural Pearl Replica


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Artisan reproduction by L’Alcorç in brass and natural pearl of an Empire tiara. From private collection L.I.R. and of french origin, is dated approximately about 1085/1815.

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Artisan reproduction in brass with set stone and natural pearl of a tiara from the Empire Period (private collection L.I.R.).


Reproduction in gold plated brass of a tiara dated in approx. 1805/1815 of french origin.

Although we make all our reproductions of silver jewelery, this particular piece is made in brass because the original piece from a private collection is made of this material.

  • Piece made in an artisan way in Spain by L’Alcorç.
  • Brass plated in gold.
  • First quality stones.
  • Set stone (not stuck).
  • CUSTOMIZABLE product, tell us the color of the pieces * (whenever it is a color used at the time) and we set your jewel made to measure.

*All our jewelry is an exact reproduction, both in materials and in techniques of pieces of particular collections made by the Workshop of L’Alcorç. If the finishes  or the materials that you ask for your personalized jewel did not exist at the time, or it was not used in these pieces, we will not be able to use it. But if we give you options of similar and viable colors so that the piece retains its credibility and ages as it is, a jewel of collection.

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