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They are not all that are there, but they are all that are there.

A summary of your most frequently asked questions.

Here we leave you asummary of the most common questions you usually ask us about our products. But we love what we do and we want you to love it too, we prefer that you ask us if you have any questions. Contact us here!


To be consistent with the historical aesthetic, our shoes have a narrow fit.

Our pointed toe shoes fit approximately 1/2 size larger than a normal street shoe.

We already include this half number in our size chart, and we do it on purpose. This clearance is necessary to be able to use cotton leggings, or a thin insole.

Our current feet are no longer used to these thin lasts, but they are necessary to give the shoe a vintage aesthetic. If we didn’t add this 1/2 number, when the shoe arrived and you put it on you would be fine, but after dressing in period clothing and spending a couple of hours walking around, things wouldn’t be so clear.

Because we wear these shoes, and because the devil knows more about being old than being a devil, we know that you are going to appreciate having the option to remove this finite insole and continue walking.

If your foot is very thin you can go down one size compared to what we recommend, but if your foot is normal and you are not used to these narrower lasts… we recommend that you use from our size chart and this 1/2 clearance number.

If when the shoe arrives you see it comfortable, but a little tight, don’t worry. They are 100% leather, they will give slightly with use.

Our socks and leggings are NOT handmade, they are made on an industrial loom

Of course, designed with our specifications and manufactured in Spain with the best raw materials and the highest qualities that have been offered to us.

If you are looking for handmade socks, we can recommend exceptional artisans who will make authentic works of art with 4 needles. Just like if you want a shoe made completely by hand and custom-made!!

What we offer you in both footwear and socks is a hard-working, intensive-use product.

I have several pairs of handmade socks that are the apples of my eye, and of course I wear them! But since after a looooong event I came home with a hole in my heel and couldn’t find someone to fix it, I saw the clear need to have a slightly less “painful” option

Our stockings, socks and leggings are designed to be as similar to period leggings as modern looms allow us. We want to offer you a product with which you can go to museums, after beers, to eat, more museums, then coffee… and end with a dance in style, come home and throw your socks in the laundry basket .

Because I imagine that before they also had “special” and “used” stockings, that the ancients were not stupid.

We provide you with all the information we have in the details of each product.

Our products are of the highest quality and manufactured in Spain.


We look for manufacturers and artisans with solid professional trajectories, who offer us quality products and also follow our guidelines. We know that you don’t dress up, you dress in the past tense, and that’s why our biggest challenge is to live up to you.

Yes, from time to time we go crazy and give a discount for batch purchases or a special date.

But seriously, it tastes terrible to us when We know that you would love to have one of our products but it is too expensive.

Because we demand the highest quality, the best materials and NOT EVERYTHING FITS FOR US Our products are expensive to manufacture.

The prices of our products are adjusted to the cent so that you enjoy the highest quality and we can continue working to offer you new shoes, accessories and clothing accessories in the past that you fall in love with.

We could raise prices to offer you great discounts, or free shipping, or even opt for more industrial products with better profit margins, but we think that you already have plenty of other platforms for that. well-known.

So we prefer to present our products to you without deception, because at the end of the day our best advertising is you, our clients who trust us. We love what we do and that is why our greatest pride is seeing our customers enjoying and wearing our products on social media.

Well, precisely for that reason… because they are jewels. In the JEWELRY section, what you will find are totally faithful reproductions of period pieces made by hand with the same techniques as the original pieces.

Pieces that you could perfectly see in a museum display case. We could offer you other qualities, or even pieces of jewelry that have a more or less acceptable resemblance to the original pieces. Of course they would be much cheaper!!

But after thinking carefully we decided that no, that there are already many other options to get a good pass and that it is better not to mix concepts.

We want you to have complete peace of mind when you go to our jewelry section and buy or order a piece from us that what you have acquired is an exact reproduction of a period original, and a piece worthy of being part of any jewelry lover’s collection. historical jewelry.

Because if you have to go… you go!

Look… this question is easy.

We ask ourselves a question:

-Would we wear it?

If the answer is YES! then we are very, very happy and we are going to go all out to develop this product. If not, then we continue working, investigating and searching.

Because what we are surely not going to offer you is something that we do not like, or that does not convince us. We don’t care if what we like is a little more expensive to manufacture, or it is more difficult to get it made, or we have to argue even with the stones to make them listen to us.

We know what we want, and what we want is CLOTHES to WEAR IN THE PAST, and we think it’s just what you want too.

Right now we ship to Europe and the United States.

If your country is not in the drop-down list as a shipping address, the cost of transportation for a small package is armed robbery.

But if you know of a company that can deliver to your country from Spain at a reasonable price that makes the purchase viable. Tell us! We will contact her.

We are very excited that our products travel!

We accept bank transfer and PayPal. If you want to pay via credit card, select PayPal as well. It will offer you an option to pay by card as a guest in a 100% secure way.

Our goal is for you to be happy with your purchase at, so we will inform you punctually for absolutely everything. And we are responsible for ensuring that your purchase arrives in perfect condition.

On our website you can find a little bit of everything regarding shipping times since we have a variety of products. But always, always, we will keep you absolutely informed of everything.

There are products in stock that you will have in your home in 3 days, such as socks, buckles, etc. and others that take about 10 days to be ready, like some models of shoes, hats and boots that we have to manufacture to serve them. We do not usually have the smallest sizes in stock, and for other products such as boots, we need your measurements to fit them.

Of course yes.

We accept exchanges and returns. If the size does not fit you or the product does not convince you (andwe really want you to like what we do , because we put a lot of love into it, we don’t want you to keep it. Send it to us!!

We will take care of sending you the size change for free or we will refund the full amount of your order.

Sorry tell you that we are not responsible for the cost of sending the order to our facilities, but we don’t care how you get it to us. As long as it is in perfect condition!! You can use certified package shipping, which is the cheapest means, or even bring it to our warehouse personally. But please remember!To make the exchange or return we need to receive the product.

And it has to be inPerfect condition, We cannot accept exchanges and returns of used or damaged products. We ask that you please try on the shoes on a carpet, so as not to mark or damage them.

You have 15 days to decide on your purchasefrom when you receive the package. If you end up not wanting it or need a change, contact us at

We do not accept exchanges or returns on personalized products. That is why before ordering any personalized product we will advise you and make sure that it is just your size, or what you need.

To send our orders we have the services of CORREOS EXPRESS

Our priority is that you are always informedas accurately as possible of how long it will take to have your order ready.

We have stock of all our accessories , stockings, buckles, etc., but unfortunately not all shoe sizes.We make the smallest shoe sizes to order. But do not worry!! If this is the case, we will make them for you and it will take a maximum of 10 days.

Other products such as hats and men’s footwear are always made to order, since We need your measurement to ensure that when they arrive they fit you perfectly. In this case it takes us about 15 days to have everything ready.

Once your order is ready we will request collection from Correos Express with a 24-hour service, if everything goes well you will have it one day to the next.

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla? What about these destinations?

Balearic Islands:

We are in Valencia, so theshipping to the Islands The Balearic Islands have a small surcharge and take 72 hours. We try to offer you the cheapest and fastest service possible, and at the moment we do not have better options. But we are working to make it possible in the future.

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:

We can send you through Correos Express or from Correos España by means of a certified package. Unfortunately there is an intermediate customs procedure that is totally alien to us. The shipping cost for us is the same in one way or another, but for you it is more convenient to receive the order through certified mail, because although it is slower, customs has not given us any problems to date.

On the other hand, although we ALWAYS send the order with the corresponding documentation through private messaging, it has happened to us that when the order arrives at its destination, they have charged our client for package management procedures at customs. It is a cost that is completely beyond our control and that we cannot take care of. Therefore,  although we offer you both options, we recommend that you choose Correos España with which we have had no problems so far.

International shipping?

Of course Yes… we are very excited that you trust our products being so many kilometers away. And you want to share our madness!!

We work with Correos Express and Correos España. And we are going to offer you both options. Or if you have a company that you like better, we will talk to them and tell you the cost.

More questions?…

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Send us a email, or a message via Facebook o Instagram.

We are happy to be useful to you!!< /p>

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