How to choice your size of shoes

How to choice your size of shoes

From we want to make you easy dress the past. You have to wear all details!
Because feet are also important and not all footwear is worth. Our shoes for historical reenactment and historical costumes are inspired by the past. Made 100% leather (or leather with fabric outside), has modern costruction techniques so they can keep up with you

Use our website you will find models of shoes inspired by the XVIII and XIX centuries, so that you can enjoy recreating the past.

They are not exact reproductions !! We take licenses to ensure they are comfortable and comfortable, and to resist your pace

However, this is our passion and we work very hard to point out that we are recreating fashion, not disguising ourselves. That’s why our shoes preserve the essence and functionality of each era.

Our shoes do not have zippers, rubber bands or anachronistic fastening systems;)

If you are interested in our shoes but you are not sure what size you have to choose … do not worry !! or you contact us and we will answer you very fast, or you can download our size guide here:

And if you have doubts about how to meditate the foot here I leave a video where I explain it to you (sorry it’s only available in spanish)

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