Our Footwear

Our footwear is manufactured maually in Valencian Community (SPAIN).

Our shoe collections are inspired by past times, but in their manufacture we use the most modern materials and techniques.

We seek to ensure a perfect fit, maximum comfort and excellent durability. We know that breathing is overrated, but that your feet hurt is another level!

To make our shoes we use only the best materials. All the parts that make up our footwear are manufactured in the Valencian Community or come from different parts of Spain.

We manufacture our 100% leather footwear. Both the sole and the lining and the exterior are made in top quality national leathers. Except in fabric lined shoes in which case the exterior is textile.

After many headaches, since we know that some of you do not consume animal products, we choose not to offer synthetic options at the moment. Currently we consider leather as the best option for the manufacture of our footwear. Leather of animal origin has characteristics hardly comparable by synthetic materials.

We use ecological skins. In the process of dyeing no chemical processes harmful to the environment are used. They are coloured skins in a traditional way and without chromium of national origin.

The leather used to manufacture our footwear is a byproduct. It comes entirely from the food industry, of animals intended for human consumption

We are aware that the skin we use is of animal origin and, above all, we avoid wasting raw material.

Our shoes may have small imperfections, or slight color change points from irregularities in the skin of the animal used. If the imperfection is minimal and does not alter the final aspect of the product we use it since otherwise we would be misusing natural resources.

Our footwear has life and deserves to be taken care of. If you keep it properly it will adapt to you and you will run a thousand adventures together.

The skin is wonderfully grateful, can be repaired, rehydrated, dyed, sanded … stored for years and return to daily use with just one layer of shoe cream. A whole series of advantages that, together with the ability to adapt to your foot with the use, mean that at the moment we do not consider the option of using synthetic materials since it would mean that the duration of the shoe is clearly shorter.

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