How we ship our products for international buyers

To send our orders we have the services of CORREOS EXPRESS

Our priority is that you are always informed in the most accurate way possible of what you are going to take in order to have your order.

We stock all of our accessories, stockings, buckles, ect., But unfortunately not all shoe numbers. The smallest footwear numbers are made to order. But do not worry!! If this is the case, we will do it for you and it will take a maximum of 10 days.

Other products such as hats and men’s shoes are always made to order, as we need your measure to ensure that when they arrive you fit perfect. In this case it took about 15 days to have everything ready.

Once your order is ready we will request the collection to Correos Express with a 24h service, if everything goes well you will have it from one day to the next.

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla? What happens to these destinations?

Balearic Islands:

We are in Valencia, so the shipment to the Balearic Islands has a small surcharge and it takes 72h. We try to offer you the cheapest and fastest service possible, and at the moment we do not have better options. But we work so that in the future it is possible.

Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla:

We can send you through Correos Express or Correos España through a certified package. Unfortunately there is an intermediate customs procedure that is totally foreign to us. The shipping cost for us is the same in one way or another, but for you it is more comfortable to receive the order through certified mail, because although it is slower, customs to date has not given us problems.

Although we send the order ALWAYS with the corresponding documentation through private courier, it has happened to us that when the order arrives at destination, they have charged our client customs management procedures of the package. It is a cost totally foreign to us and from which we can not take charge. Therefore, although we offer both options, we recommend you to choose Correos España with which we have had no problems so far.

International shipping?

Of course … we are very excited that you trust our products being so many kilometers away. We want to share our madness !!

We work with Correos Express and Correos España. And we’re going to offer you both options. Or if you have a company that you like more, we will talk to her and we will tell you the cost.

Changes and Returns

We accept changes and returns. If the size does not match or the product does not convince you (and we really want you to like what we do, because we put a lot of love) we do not want you to keep it. Send it to us !!

We will  change the size or we will refund the amount of your order.

We do not It matters how you do it to us. As long as it is in perfect condition !! You can use a shipment by certified package, which is the cheapest way or even bring it to our store personally.

But remember please! to make the change or return we need to receive the product. And it has to be in perfect condition, we can not accept changes and returns of used or deteriorated products. We ask you, please, to try your shoes on a carpet, not to mark them or spoil them. When we have the shoes in good condition back, we will send the new size (with the shipment at your expense).

You have 15 days to decide on your purchase since you receive the package. If you finally do not want it or need a change, please contact us at

We do not accept changes or refunds on personalized products. Therefore, before ordering any personalized product, we will advise you and make sure it is just your size, or what you need.

Our products are craftsmen, of the highest quality and manufactured in Spain. We would love to give you the postage, or even be able to make returns after 365 days, but unfortunately it is not within our reach.

The prices of our products are adjusted to the cent so that you enjoy the highest quality and we can continue working to offer you new shoes, accessories and accessories to wear in the past you fall in love.

We could raise prices to offer you great discounts, or free transport, or even opt for more industrial products with better profit margins, but we think that for that you already have other platforms to spare.

Thus, we prefer to present our products without deception, because after all, our best advertising is you, our clients who trust in us. We love what we do and that’s why our greatest pride is to see our customers on the networks enjoying and showing off our products.

So it’s for you! And for us! And for all the crazy people we enjoy dressing in the past.

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